Protection – biopeptide komplex

Protection – biopeptide komplex  

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About the PROTECTION series

 The protection series is a new product of the company in which there are fibre specific peptids used as active components. The Glutation has three components, the bio-specific organ-peptids, the short polimers composed by linked α-amino acids and herbs extracts. The consistency of protection is a gel material, which gets dissolved in the mouth and absorbs transmucosal. When used we will experiment concrete results within some minutes. To attain spectacular results however a full treatment is recommended. Upon it’s combined use with the FSC plates lasting improvement takes place.

The caracteristics of the three specific components of Protection:

The Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptid, composed by glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid.

The glutathione is the base of the complete serie Protection. This is a specific protein which is being synthesized in each cell. This protein is a very strong antioxidant. The most important role of the glutathione is to protect the immune cells, specially the lymphocytes (the lymph cells)and  the leukocytes (white blood cells) playing an important affector and effector role in the immune system. If the body is absent on glutathione, the lymphocytes can die.

The absence of glutatonin severely weakens the immune system and the body becomes defenseless against all kinds of diseases. It is recommended for  cases as chronic fatigue syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, asthma, kidney - liver diseases - and also in many other ones.

The human body is capable to produce glutathione in itself. With progress of age however the ability to synthesize sufficient quantity protein is decreasing, this way the protection also descreases significantly. The individuals became sensitive to develop oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is when homeostasis (the dinamic constancy of the internal environment) splits between the oxidant and antioxidant systems and the redox state moves towards oxidation. This means that the uncontrolled cell desintegration and the accumulation of free radicals appears. In order to avoid this all it is important to take care of the supply of glutathion even when we are healthy. Therefore the glutathion is most important to maintain permanency of homeostasis that is to preserve the  oxidative and antioxidative balance, it is capable to control the environmental condition within the cells and to retain them in a range sufficiently stabile.  Due to the glutathion content of the complex „Protection” products their redox potential is of great importance which in this case is 200-240 millivolts (mV)

What redox potential means and why is it important?

All body liquids –like blood, lymphatic and intercell fluids- dispose of individual, specific, concretely determined redox potential. This is a so called oxidation-reduction potential or redoxpotential. The redoxpotential is measured in millivolts by a specific instrument, called reduction potential meter. The redoxpotential in the body of a healthy person is in the range 100 – 200 millivolts (mV). This also means that the body is in a healthy, adequate state.  All of us who were born and grown up we are positioned in a „negative” redoxpotential range. The redoxpotential value of the amniotic fluid to make the embryo grow is 200 millivolts and that of the breast milk is -70mV. There are several fluid which get into our body and have a significantly higher redoxpotential then the blood and the internal setting of our body. For example the redoxpotential of the water is between 140 and 280 millivolts mV, the fruit juices range is 180-220 mV. In case of the gassy drinks this value is even higher, it is usually 480 millivolts (mV). When all these liquids get into the human body ten it must to use too much energy in order to restore a convenient state for the organism. This exagerated use of energy leads to ageing and to the deterioration of the body.

The Glutation is controlling the internal state of the body and the organ specific peptids contained in „Protection” are giving an energic charge to restore and heal the total body.

Organ specific peptids

The organ specific peptids (amino acids) are with other words fabric specific peptids. Research results prove that when got into the organism the peptid bio-regulators are controlling the metabolism of the body at the level of cells, so the tissues and organs can function under this influence like in a young and healthy  body. The biological functioning of the injured organs is restored. The origin of the word revitalization comes from the latin words „re-vita” which means rebirth, the natural renewal of the function of the organs which grew old or were ruined due to illness. The process of recuperation can be of general character, targeted to all organs or it can also be expressly organ oriented, aimed at a specific ill organ. This process of regeneration stimulates the cell regeneration too, restores the protein and peptid synthesis of cells, improves the processes of metabolism, this way slowens aging, restores the former level of the cell operation, rejuvenates the organism biologically. Actually there are 9 different types of „Protection” complexes on the offer aimed at 9 different organs. The peptides dispose of proven outstanding healing properties and as a consequence this makes them one of the most efficient nutritional supplements of the XXI-st century. The peptides are harmless, they do not have any side effect and no dependency develops out of their use.


Herbal extracts

The third main components of „Protection” complexes are the natural vitamins, minerals, and biologically active compounds which provide the body's daily intake requirements. These are carefully selected ingredients with attention that they work together to complement and enhance the effect of each other. It also contains pectin, which has a property that it cleans the body tissues of the toxic substances, reducing sugar in the blood and improving peripheral circulation.

Most Protection also contains preparations (except for number 9) which add to them a pleasant, neutral, slightly apple-like taste. Metal packaging protects the product from external influences,  the product is supplied with a dispenser - it provides the ease of use and the exact dosage.

A Protection of 80 ml – that is one package-  is sufficient for about 50 days of use.

Composition: Purified water, apple pectin, peptide complex (glutathione, glutamine, lysine), soy isoflavones, plant extracts.

PROTECTION No.1. The Cardiovascular system  Rebuilds the cardiovascular cells. It is against premature aging, for prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke and post-stroke rehabilitation and postinfarct regeneration.  

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