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“Elements of biosystem, organism structures communicate among themselves by means of images. The nature uses the same mechanism for distant interactions between organisms. The concept of health means harmonious work of all organs and systems, harmony with the environment”. Marina Shaduri.

The functional state correctors or shortly FSC plates, are unique inventions of Sergei Valentinovich Koltsev and his Russian scientific colleagues. This is new generation device to restore health, unique in it’s kind in the world and hardly bigger then a credit card. It offers an efficient and confortable method to maitain health, both int he field of prevention and to solve problems of health, also in cases of chronic diseases on the fields of the body, soul and the mind.

Sergei Valentinovich Koltsov and his scientific companions have „created” a non-invasiv tool (needs not penetrate threw the mucous or into the openings of the body phisically), but can interviene via an infromation carrier which is capable to make that intervention on the energetic level. This is such a new tool which by the means of the electromagnetic waves creates modification within the proteins, that is adjusts the functional ability of all living creatures (humans, plants and animals).

To the Functional State Correctors there were recorded positive engertical information which is capable to adjust all living organisms to harmonise their magnetic space and the cosmic vibrations in a range of 8 meter radius around. (All these unique discoveries were facilitated by the latest, innovative technology.) As we know it, the space and material aroud us consists of energy and information. Our human field of energy maintains a constant interchange of information with the rest of the energy fields, absorbs and stores the vibrations received.

Koltsev is taking use of all those information offered by nature to the living creatures (that of the water in the healing lakes, wells, holy places, herbs, stones, minerals and also those healing methods practiced along the evolution and the oracles related, etc.) He records same time condensed this mass data information to the FSC plates in a way that the recorded information streght each other instead of their blocking or neutralising.

The three main functions of the FSC plates:

Recognising and adjusting (correcting) any malfunctions (incorrect behaviours) of living organisms, without any human interfearance. Malfunctions of the main organs (such as: heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidneys, etc.) are to be regenerated and healed automatically as the information streaming from the FSC plate recognise the distortioned ones, then adjust and overrides them. It is our general knowledge that the fields of information determine the material structure, that is the sort of information determines the material quality. Structuring of water by the Functional State Corrector or making the water biologically active.As each FSC plate transfers it’s informationa to the mass of the water close to it, the water accepts that, stores the positive information received making it’s structure to be changes. The water structured by the FSC place becomes soft, silky and biologically active. The water consumed this way is a homeopathic medicine for the organism which can even initiate it’s prosecces of auto-healing.

The protection of the living organism from the artificially induced electromagnetic radiation, such as: TV and radio emissors, electric wires and power lines, mobile and wireless phones, WIFI, X-rayes, etc. as well as from the harmful geo-radiation. The artificial radiation means a stress to the organism, which can lead to serious deseases. Any of the FSC plates is capable to neutralise these harmful, negative radiation and to facilitate a clear, radiation free atmosphere.

Due to it’s various functions this new generation method is not only to serve for protection (prevention), but it is a best kind of treatment for more serious cases too. It creates harmony between the internal rhithm of the body and the rhithm of the outer fields which is a primary objective for maintaining health. Besides correcting (healing) the system of the organs it normalizes the nervous system, the immune and endokrine system, the circulation, the digestive and excretory systems as well as the blood sugar level and the PH value, etc.

- The Functional State Correctors have been tested by the Ministry for Public Health of the Russian Federation and classified them as medical devices.

-The Functional State Correctors are uniqie in the world and the International Academy for Electro Informatics has issued a certificate stating that the FSC is efficiently normalising the biological aqctivity of all living creatures and has registered it as Nr.001. Medical Device.

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