Blue koltsov plates

The main task of the blue serie is to cooperate with the human body, to equalise, restore and harmonise it on the physical level. All our human cells are perfectly created and intelligent creatures, any cell knows about all the others, thus it is proven that information flowing between them, which we influences with our emotions. Tenderness, love, happiness, joy, anger, hatred, fear, anxiety, guilt, resentment, jealousy cause the cells to change. Alteration happens in functoning of the cell, in their movements and reproduction and we form this way our health or make our illness in case of the latter. When we have emotions in our hearts we create electro magnetic waves in our body and in the invisible world around us. As about 75% of our body is made of water (the children have much more) therefore we know it out of evidence of the homeopathy that the water is capable to store information. Dr.Masauru Emoto has proved it also by his pictures, that the water can hear, see, feel, record and store the information around us, the words spoken and even the thoughts. 

For all our cells are capable to receive information the blue FSCs is very close to classic homeopathy, just  they are in different "packages".  They have very strong positive effect to the human body and all the live world. More than 200 kinds information of herbal (crystals, minerals, rocks, etc.,)  stored in FCSs plates, so the water will sense,note, store, and, thus, harmonize, re-tune, and restore our body at physical level.

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