Lila Koltsov Plates

Connection with the outer Space energies – cosmoenergy channels. The Lilac series allows using Cosmoenergy channels even to unprepared people (without consecration), using Gratitude energy instead of the password. Each of Lilac FSCs may be considered as a pre-prepared cosmoenergy session with the accent at some specific problem. They can work on their own – without any mental work on the patient’s side – passive regime; and in an active regime – when one specifies the desired result, attaching “gratitude” affirmations and visualization. Most powerful of all FSCs, in order to avoid acute conditions they recommend to use Lilac FSCs after preliminary cleaning and harmonization with the help of numbers 1, 2, 5, and start with aura cleaning and harmonization programs (no 16). Channels of Heavenly Love are recorded at almost all FSCs. They are: “Heavenly Love”, “The light of Universal Love” and many many more, they give everybody an opportunity to rebuild himself anew, remember who you really are, with what task you came into this world, heal yourself, and help other people.

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