Golden Koltsov Plates

The common name of the Golden series is “The Ecology of Consciousness”.

The Golden Plate has been designed,  re-calibrating the mind, the subconscious and the body of energy, but also affects the physical body.  Nowadays we are leaving in an interesting time period, which is called “The Great Transition”. It will last until 2032-38, with some critical points. According to the constantly changing outer field tunings, the information, that people receive from the outer field changes as well. There is a constant change and coordination in the outer region of our planet Earth impacts and therefore the man too. Cosmic Mayan Teurgy is the next evolutionary stage of outer field development and informational fluxes in it. The power of new Mayan channels is approximately 10 times higher in comparison with the classical cosmoenergy. More to it, they are even more intelligent, they tune up to the specific human being, looking for a problem on their own and heal it.

It is a different technology. All golden FSCs could be easily combined with any others, you may work with them in all well-known ways: place at some area on the body, do pumpings, drink structured water and take water procedures.

In golden FSCs Mayan channels are combined with cosmoenergy channels, the way they enlarge and  amplify each other

In summary, therefore, we can say that the mind-shaping carry on their behalf, the gold tiles.

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