Green Koltsov Plates

Mainly deals with the state of human mind. Generally speaking, Green FSCs help to tune up human soul. Ancient Vedic knowledge points out at the existense of direct connection between one’s emotional reactions, mental state and physical conditions. Most physical conditions originate from the habit to react at life situations in negative key, luck of love, and evil influences posed by other people, such as evil eye, damnation. Plants are not able to cope with such job. Polarization of places of power and dolmens wereused as the information content for the Green Functional State Correctors. They placed water samples into the dolmens or at most powerful places in the Arkaim region (this Place of Power, situated in the center of Russia was used), and polarization of these water samples were copied at the FSCs. Green FSCs are several times more powerful than the Blue ones. Green GSCs tune up human mind and upper chakras with energies of our Mother Earth.

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