The simplest way of the FSC use is just to carry it along with You(in the pocket, in a bag and so on), when at home or in the office – to put it somewhere near You (at the bedside table, in Your working table drawer). The effective FSC range is up to 8 meters, and it’s harmonizing influence will affect the whole house, flat or office. If You do only this the FSC action will be sufficient enough to support Your health, It will protect You from the pathogenic influences. So it is possible to put it somewhere near You and forget about it. The FSC will do its job. But at the same time it is possible to empower the FSC action by following some simple recommendations:

The main recommendation is to drink plenty of structured water. It’s a key point to emphasize the FSC influence. Our cells are accustomed to obtain information through water. It is crucially important what is memorized by the water which human being drinks. And FSC directly affects the memory of water. Each FSC number with its own information set. So , do not neglect drinking water! This recommendation is known long ago. One should drink 30 ml. of water per each kilogram of his weight. It is not all that easy. The good thing is that FSC helps You to switch on water drinking. Because human organism instinctively knows, that the water structured with the help of the FSC is a kind of water it needs. Use the Correctors to structure Your water and every drink You have. Put any vessel with any drink on the corrector. It structures almost instantly, especially if the liquid is moving. It is effective to put a glass on the FSC and pour a liquid in it, or stir it with a teaspoon. The vessel material is not important. You may detain for several minutes a big volume of liquid just to be sure, to give it some shake will make a good sense.

Drink structured water with the whole family, give it to Your pets, pour your plants, structure the water You put the cut flowers into. Structure everything You put in Your mouth – even hard meals contains some water which apprehends the information from the FSC. If You are out and do not want to make fuss about it, feel free to skip the procedure. You see, There is no strict rules about the FSC use, it is recommendations how to obtain top effectiveness from it, and if You skip some practice from time to time – there is absolutely no harm. Well, if You carry it in the pocket it affects the structure of the inner liquids in the organism, but loccaly – at the place where it lays.

Some observations on the water structuring: The water structuring takes place only in the vessel which is put on the FSC. If some other vessels with water are situated nearby they are not affected. The FCS action localizes to the nearest water volume. Suppose, You want to stricter structure several vessels simultaneously it is necessary to put the corrector between the vessels and give it some more time to work, because the action of the  corrector splits between the vessels. S. V. Koltsov recommends to open the lids on the water vessels.

Here is the recommendation on water structuring from Sibatov Nariman Alimovitch – a physician who after graduation from the state medicine institute learned healing from Tibet Lamas for two years: “Pour about 3 liters of water into the teapot, and heat it to 80 degrees to erase the information it has. Cool it. Put any vessel on the FSC and pour the water from the teapot into the vessel. Before drinking pour some water into a cup and then return it down into the vessel for several times to saturate water with air. I recommend to drink water which temperature is equal to the body temperature. Hold the water in Your mouth before swallowing for several seconds, it will give time for the saliva to interact with water”.

These is the ideal recommendation, but anyway simply to put Your cup at the corrector in the office will do a great help. If You’ve bought some bottled drinking water, open the lid and put it on the corrector for a minute or hold it in hand with the FSC  near the bottle. With time You’ll start to notice, that You choose water a bit more often, that you prefer it to some other drinks. The structured water itself is able to solve a lot of health problems.

It is appropriate to use structured water for washing, shower or a bath – for everything You are doing with water – to clean Your home, to pour Your garden. The structuring method is rather simple. Tie the FSC to the water pipe, to the hose, to the water tap. Moving water immediately becomes structured. A structured water shower or a bath levels and stimulates the organism energy. It is also a great way to fight the flu. Take the structured water warm shower or bath with two hours interval for a day time despite the fever. It is as simple as that.

Tie the corrector on the water tap but never put it into the water. If it gets soaked and become unstuck – then it is a fatal damage. The fisical destruction is the only way to spoil the FSC. It stands magnets and does not loose power with time. If You suspect that some water could penetrate into the corrector, open the plastic case and dry the inner plate.

You see, there is two ways of the FSC use – through the water structuring and the contact use. Combine both if necessary.  The contact use of the FSC localizes to the area which it is put on. S. V. Koltsov says that there is no sense of holding the corrector at one place for more than 15 minutes. This time is sufficiently enough  for the corrector to do all its job at the local area, after 15 minutes it has nothing to do, it is better to shift the FSC into some other place.