It offers an efficient and convenient solution to maintain health, including both prevention and the solution of health problems, even in cases of chronic diseases or an undetermined diagnoses. Each FSC contains different specific information according to the target for which it was created.

Sergei Valentinovich Koltsov and his colleagues,  as result of their more then 10 years research ativities have developed a method to restore the health of the organism which is unique int he world, namely the Functional State Correctors.

It was an old dream of Koltsov to create an information carrier device to be capable to restore the distortions in living organisms even on the energetic level (energy of the live body), to start the processes of auto healing and to prevent development of diseases.

As a first step he has developed a method capable to copy and to record all those information given by the nature to the living organisms. (samples of water, water springs, healing sites, medical herbs, stones, minerals and some other objects) Koltsov suceeded the same time to record all these information in a condensed form to a single information carrier in a way that the recorded information streghten each other instead of blocking or neutralising each other.

As a second step he has developed such a simple device  which could multiply these biologically important information, following the sample of bio-fields or geo-magnetic fields (or  fileds of life) the same way as it is done by the plants in nature.

It can be mentioned in general terms that any FSC plate can display it’s information content in the eletro magnetic field, that the electro magnetic field serves as a data transmitter medium to deliver the information. (this magnetic field is present everywhere in our environment and if it’s value would be zero, then the information stored in the human brain would cease to exist) Thanks to the specific structure of the  water the information is tranferred to the mass of water easily, it copies the distribution scheem of the magnetic charges next to it, fixes, then stores them and forwards them easily towards the living organisms.

The FSC also can be considered as a system of resonators functioning similar way as the energy stream of tsi or the Schumann waves.

All the FSC plates have a resonator unit in each of their 4 corners with a hole in their centre to lead the magnetic waves. ( The waves are always formed in a media between two, or more points of interrelation and are transmitting the energy of the vibration source and the related resonance information.)

What the tsi energy is? „According to the ancient Chinese philosophy tsi is the very basic material which fills the Universe, it is energy or natural force. According to this idea everything on Earth is the result  of tsi movement and transformation. This way the very human body is also formed by the tsi, which is one of the factors to create life.”

What  the Schumann waves are? The Schumann waves form an electric field which covers our planet fully, so this resonance is identical in case of all mammalian living creatures. This electro magnetic field regulates and synchronizes the many thousands of biochemical processes of our organisms. This way indirectly it is this field which takes care of the health maintanance for the living organisms.

For us (the consumers) it is not the physical explanation is important, but we better need to know how this instrument works, or how it performs it’s beneficial effect:

– The structuring of water: the information contained in the plate FSC are fixed in the water by means of the magnetic waves streaming from the hole in middle of the magnetic field and the rezonator, that is it restructures the water – any FSC device transfers it’s respective content of information,  to the liquids of the human body  as well as to any water mass/stream  which is found nearby. As it functions as multiplier of information, the FSC can create unlimited  quantity of water mass, that is this water structure will carry on specific  information afterwards.

The water restructured by the specific information content we acknowledge as „homeopathic remedy”. This is also homeophaty, as it is the only packing is different, because on each plate it is the information of nearly two hundred herbs recorded, any plate equals to a complete rank of products in a homeopathic pharmacy. And You can use this complete rank all your life.

– The FSC operates as a source of positive background information. What are those sources of positive information we dispose of, which are capable to help the organism? It is the nature, the trees, a nice painting, classical music,the plants, the flowers, fresh products processed organically, etc. . . In the up to date city environment however the negative information are predominant, which means a further burden of stress for the organism. The case works in a way,  that the human organism reacts to the potitive information once those are needed to reestablish the functioning of a specific malfunctioning organ or the whole organism. When the case is solutioned, the reactive effect is stopped and the superfluous information are to be neglected by the organism.

– It harmonizes the functioning of the systems and organs. The FSC completely normalizes (makes it’s balance) the physiological bio-rhytm of a person, adjusts and regenerates the state of the heart, the vascular and the nervous systems, of the endokrine and the immunological systems and that of the system of digestion.

Let us remember December, the year 2012, the recent past, when we all have experienced the phenomenon of cosmic change of periodicity and that the change of cosmic energy is still continuously  felt. Even the healthy persons may have sometimes hard periods, but in case the funcioning of an organ or of the whole body system is not functioning in order, that harmony is disrupted to be followed by the system disruption, for e.g.  like the sleep disturbances, inquietude. The FSC adjusts the inner biological clock, because all systems and organs dispose of their own time mechanism and as a consequence all internal time mechanisms gradually adopt to the diurnal rhythm, which means that the living creatures (the plants, animals) are active during daytime and sleep by night.

– It offers protection against the negative effects. The negative thoughts of others, specially if those are accompanied by emotions, make harm to the aura of the person to whom these thoughts are targeted. The FSC plates have capacity to reject the negative information, which defends the aura and also repears the already existing damage on it. Those are the green and gold series FSC plates and also the amulets which have information of various defensive effects.

– It also carries pictorial information which increases our consciousness and activates our subconsciousness. We have already mentioned that the on the basis of it’s specific infromation content the FSC restructures the water, this is also supplemented by the effects of the medicinal plants and those effects of pictorial information influencing the consciousness, including images of water crystals, captured by Masaru Emoto. For example to the Nr.1 plate Masaru Emoto coupled pictures of piece of mind, love to humanity and to ourselves (is it possible to heal someone who does not like himself?) and also that important information as prosperity. The plate FSC Nr.5 disposes of tuning information which help to get rid of different addictions.  As for the green FSC plates, those primordially deal with spiritual matters. Needless to mention the retuning  of our mind can not be realised parallel with the application of traditional chemical compounds.

The plates have been issued in series of colors, each color has a different function.