Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my Web Site!

My name is Piroska Budai and actually I live in Hungary, in the city Debrecen. My profession is naturopath, more precisely I practice: the Chinese traditional medicine, acapuncture auricular, adictology, massage of various kind, spiritual medicine and I am Reiki master and Kahihealing practitioner. For me it was always interesting to learn about new, alternative healing methods and when I had a chance to study them.

Some years back I have heard to talk about the Koltsev Plates, it was precisely Tom Peter Rietdorf (he was my professor) who told us his story –what has happened at a vetenirary- and when heard his lecture I became most motivated in a way that from this moment started to learn more and more about those plates, what they are and how they function. Later on my colleague at Budapest (who has obtained those plates even before then I did) has told me about her story with much pride – it was about a great number of positive experiences she had, so there was no any doubt left, that I must use this „treasure” and make it accessible to others too.

Nowadays I am working with the company Center Región which is also the origin of the present Web Page.

My Clients, friends, my family and personally myself we have acquired a lot of positive experiences concerning the plates, and can state firmly that this is a „perfect masterpiece”. I can recommend it fullheartedly to all of you. For any further information please contact me, it will be my pleasure to answer any question.

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Skype: hiniscus001

Phone: + 36-70-947-97-99.

It is useful to know that at the centre region of the company the orders are not received automatically, also sometimes one has to wait for the products as their production is not always permanent and the sales are increasing fast!