FSC – Bracelet «The Stork» hormonal balance

FSC bracelet THE STORK


FSC – Bracelet «The Stork» helps to restore and support hormonal balance and physiological functioning of women's and men's reproductive system.

FSC – Bracelet «The Stork» helps to restore and support hormonal balance and physiological functioning of women's and men's reproductive system.

The Stork is a sacral bird in various mythological, religious and secular traditions. It symbolizes a new life, coming of spring, good luck, harmony, longevity, abundance, fertility.

FSC Bracelet «The Stork» will help every user to fulfill own wishes: to young people – to become loving parents of beloved children, to all users – reach success in business, put into realization own creative ideas, create and preserve harmonious relations in the family, acquire unity with the kin. To be happy in every moment of life.

The following water samples polarizations are recorded at FSC Bracelet «The Stork»: The spring of reverebd Sergiy Radonezskiy in the place Radonez in Sergiev-Posad region of the Moscow District; sacred spring in honor of Kazan Mother of God icon in place Chimeevo in Kurgan city district; Place of power Ulug-Hurtyak-Tas (Улуг-Хуртуях-Тас) or in Russian «Mother of Mothers» in Khakassia; Ancient sanctum in Boguraev (Богураев) khutor in Belolalitvinskiy area of Rostov district.

FSC Bracelet «The Stork» action:

- Helps every user to feel internal power and connection with ancestors of own kin, to acquire their support and protection;

- Poses prophylaxis and correcting influence in case of presence of wide spectrum of gynecology and urology diseases of various origin (infection, inflammatory, bacterial);

- Helps restoration and support of hormonal balance and physiological functioning of men's and women's reproductive systems, prolongation of the fertile period;

- Helps immune system strengthening and support;

- Helps harmonious gestation course, childbearing and giving birth to a healthy child, physiologically correct delivery;

- Helps quick restoration of psychoemotional balance in stressful situations, helps women to overcome pre- and after- delivery depression;

Helps restoration of energy, filling with vital powers;

Works with ancestral programs;

- Helps to relieve psychology traumas, prohibitions, blocks, restricting ability to become parents – mother and father both of their own child or adopted one in case if a man or a woman are unable to have children on medical authority;

- Helps formation and strengthening of emotional connection between parents and children in various periods of child increase;

- Helps formation of balance between father's / mother's instinct, the favor of a child, personal interests and life of own family;

- Helps all user to acquire their goals in various spheres of life – business, family, arts.

FSC Bracelet «The Stork» - is a symbol of good luck of every individual for acquiring joy and happiness, fulfillment of wishes!

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