FSC Bracelet “Power of Light” (For feet)

FSC Bracelet “Power of Light” (For feet)


FSC Bracelet “Power of Light” (For feet) is targeted at bio-field cleaning and creation of energy-information protection

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FSC Bracelet “Power of Light” (For feet) is targeted at bio-field cleaning and creation of energy-information protection

Bio-field is something human being is carrying into the Universe, his way of living, emotions and feelings. Science understands biofield as superposition of physical irradiations, that includes electromagnetic irradiation. Due to influence of negative outer environment factors, destructive thoughts and influences it may become damaged, its structure violates, misbalance appears. This can do damage to the human being and activate a chain of problems with health and bad luck in all spheres of life. Protect yourself and your folks with the help of “Power of Light” bracelet – whish is a reliable shield from non-sanctioned intrusions into one’s energy field. It is your freedom in taking your own decisions and realization of life plans.

Themes from the following FSCs are recorded at the FSC Bracelet “Power of Light”: FSC number 20 “Cleansing”, 23 “ Liberation”, 24 “Clarification”, FSC “Varvara’s Spring”.

FSC Bracelet “Power of Light” action:

- Helps diagnostics and elimination of energy-information intrusions of various level, which could be imposed at people, things, clothes, premises;

- Helps removal of various types of intrusions, targeted at seizure of vital energy (targeted influencing by alien persons, items, deeds and thoughts targeted against oneself);

- Targeted at elimination of negative energy ties and “anchors” of any origin;

- Helps removal of any non sanctioned energy-information influences, creation of protective energy-information shell around bio-field;

- Poses mirroring effect, targeted at returning of negative influences to their initial origin point, to the source of non-friendly thoughts;

- Poses general anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, helps prophylaxis and correction of diseases of various organs and systems;

- Helps strengthening and support of the immunity, more quick restoration after diseases and surgery;

- Targeted at rejuvenation and decrease of biology age.

FSC Bracelet “Power of Light” – your guardian and friend, that protects you from any unfriendly intentions! With this bracelet you will be confident in your wishes, deeds and will carry your own responsibility for your life without any outer disturbances.

It is possible to structure water with Bracelets, for doing this one shall close it into the circle around the volume with water, around your cap. Bracelets are designated to generate maximum field when closed into a loop.

Time of water structuring with “Power of Light” bracelet is  2 hours.

Blood is very important component of the organism. It ensures incessant oxygen and nutrition supply of cells and removal of their waste products. Wrist is the most narrow place of the hand at which important arteries are situated. In addition all energy meridians are passing through hands and legs. Energy-informational influence at this part of the hand is especially effective for health end energy support. According to Koltsov 15 minutes is enough to "wind up" all chakras. At some bracelets there will be information themes that we have at previously released FSCs, at some themes that were never released at FSCs.

Features and advantages of FSC bracelets:

Each FSC bracelet consists of 8 active elements – 2 elements of each kind (4 various kinds of elements in each bracelet);

8 active elements harmoniously supplement and amplify each other;

Pose beneficial influence at majority of human energy centers and meridians;

Pose soft and systemic influence;

Convenient and safe in use.

Implementation recommendations:

One may carry FSC bracelet at the wrist continuously or in case of need to solve this or that problem;

It is possible to structure water and other liquids with FSC bracelets by placing a glass into a closed bracelet;

It is recommended to carry bracelets at both wrists in sequence;

It is possible to carry two bracelets in any combination at both wrists simultaneously. In this case it is recommended to pay attention at organism reaction at various combinations of bracelets;

It is recommended to take away bracelets for a night time;

It is necessary to take off bracelets prior to taking water procedures.

When ordering - chose the desired bracelet colour (lilac or grey).


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