FSC “Freedom of Motion”

FSC “Freedom of Motion”


FSC “Freedom of Motion”

Helps prophylaxis and correction of loco-motor apparatus various diseases

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FSC “Freedom of Motion”

Helps prophylaxis and correction of loco-motor apparatus various diseases



Helps prophylaxis and correction of  various inflammatory and systemic diseases of loco-motor apparatus  ( various forms of arthritis, bursitis, gout);

Effective as a means of additional therapy in case of infection diseases of the bacterial nature, including the one’s that appear at the background of  common infections (in presence of staphylococcus, pneumococcus);

Helps correction and relief of one’s state in presence of arthralgias, developed as consequence of auto-immune diseases (rheumatism, systemic lupus erythematoidus, rheumatoid arthritis  and so on);

Prevents bones destruction at degenerative-dystrophic diseases (osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, podagra);

Helps prophylaxis and correction of inflammatory processes in tissues, joints, intervertebral disks, articular bags;

Helps lowering and cupping of painful sensations at various diseases of locomotor apparatus;

Effective in complex approach for osteoporosis prophylaxis and  correction, including women in period of menopause;

Helps preservation and assimilation of trace and macro-elements, especiallyСаand Мg, that helps strengthening of the bone tissue.


FSC “Freedom of Motion” is indicated:


As a remedy of additional therapy in case of loco-motor apparatus diseases, including long lasting chronic diseases;

For restoration and rehabilitation after traumas, surgery, for support in case of  ICP;

For women in various reproductive life periods;

In case of mild and active physical loads, practicing yoga, pilates, power sports


FSC “Freedom of Motion” using recommendations:


Highly recommended to combine with the FSCs: Number 10, “Danilovo Lake”,  “Lurking Lake”, “Apple of Youth”, “Tuning Fork”,  “Neurovita”

It is recommended to structure creams, ointment and other remedies for external use;

Drink structured water, do pumpings, carry at the body including when under physical loads.


Polarization of  Ak-Cuu water spring situated in Issyk Kul resort area in Kyrgizstan is recorded at the “Freedom of Motion” FSC. Tine of water structuring at the “Freedom of Motion” FSC is not less than 2 hours.




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