FSC «Rapa»

FSC «Rapa»


FSC «Rapa»
Helps prophylaxis and correction of cardio-vascular system diseases

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FSC «Rapa»
Helps prophylaxis and correction of cardio-vascular system diseases

Poses multilateral specific influence at the organism: anti-inflammatory and analgesic, helps reduction of puffiness, improvement of blood and lymph circulation in organs;
Helps prophylaxis and correction of cardio-vascular system diseases (myocardium functional disorders, vessels – arteries and veins);
Helps to stop initial manifestations of vascular diseases: atherosclerosis (including myocardiosclerosis, myocardiodystrophy), 1-st degree of arterial hypertension, arterial hypotension, obliterating extremities vessels diseases, insufficient circulation of 1-st and 2nd degrees, vein varicose, rheumatic heart defect at children and adults (1st stage of the process activity);
Helps prophylaxis of pre-stroke and pre-infarction states;
Helps restoration of metabolic processes in the organism;
Could be used for prophylaxis of various locomotor diseases, helps to reduce edema and reduce painful sensations;
Poses effective help to the body in presence of “civilization diseases”: chronic tiredness syndrome, stresses, physical and emotional depletion, sedentary life.

FSC “Rapa” is indicated:

As a prophylaxis remedy in complex therapy in presence of cardio-vascular system diseases;
In rehabilitation period after surgeries and traumas;
For all people who are having sedentary life;
For cardio-vascular system support when practicing fitness and sports.

FSC “Rapa” using recommendations:

Compatible with all FSCs, released previously, especially with number 9 “Healthy Heart”, “Longevity”, “Jiva”, FSC-Bracelet “Fitness”;
One shall drink structured water, do pumpings, carry at the body when in socium;
Baths with water, structured at FSC “Rapa” are posing significant health-restoration effect;
Helps to change easily one’s way of living – uproot bad habits (smoking, alcohol intake and so on), to settle water drinking and nutrition regimen, add feasible physical loads.

Polarization of water from sanatorium Hoprovskie Zori in Penza region is recorded at FSC “Rapa”. Time of water structuring – 2 hours.

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