FSC no 6 “Skin whitening”

FSC no 6 “Skin whitening”


Numbers 6, 7, 8 are named “Cosmetology correctors”, all of them are good to structure liniments, but their action spectrum is much deeper.

Cleans out skin (pigmentation). Calms down epidermis irritation. Prevents skin aging,wrinkle formation. Information for improving the state of skin under the eyes, and in the eyelids area is recorded on it. Cleans capillary blood vessels. Recommended for patients with blood and lymph conditions, especially connected with lymph congestion. Has polarization of hyaluronic acid, which is “super-moisturizer” – regulates moisture content in tissues. Good to structure eye drops, for eye conditions.

no 6 FSC has the following informations

• Which was polarized water Mobilized Arkaim (love) v  Mountains spiral of energy Which controls the moisture  content of the skin heals the cells. Super declared Importance,  in the world of cosmetic
• Stearic acid is widely found in natural fats and oils. The  human tissue is the key component of the fatty acid. Free form  you can found in the sebaceous secretions of the glands. It  prevents the skin from drying out
• Pantothenic Acid Vitamin B5 – has anti-inflammatory,  soothing and regenerating effect. It calms the epidermis (top  layer of skin)
• hydrogen-alpha AHA acid – lemon and green tea polarization  (White, the pale skin and pigment spots Removes Vitamin C  cosmetics essential component thatis coast of the AHA’s  Synthesized collagen, keeps your skin tone .. stimulates blood  circulation, performs an antioxidant function
• Jojoba oil – this protein, amino acids, high vitamin E content, Which brings out the effect of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant regeneration. It prevents skin aging and wrinkles
• Vitamin A (retinol) provides elasticity (elasticity), keeps your  metabolism level and Vision
• seaweed extract (Cystoseira, Fucus, Laminaria) cleanses,  stimulates and regenerates the skin cells around the eyes,  Softening and bactericidal effect, moistens the skin and keeps  moisture in the cells
• Aloeből can extract more than 160 kinds of components,  amino acids and minerals These bactericidal and bacteriostatic  effect. It stimulates blood circulation and Helps Maintain the  skin’s moisture content.

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