FSC no 7 “Skin lifting”

FSC no 7 “Skin lifting”


Non invasive skin lifting. It is skin nutrition, regeneration and rejuvenation. 

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Fortifies skin turgor. Holds muscles in tonus. Lowered Internal organs come into their place. Brilliantly works with bones, tendons regeneration, with spinal column problems. Restores blood vessels walls elasticity. Structure liniments for varicose. Recommended in cases of broken bones. Holding it in hands for 15 minutes, plus a glass of structured water, normalizes blood pressure and sugar level. For that it is often called “A quick emergency help FSC” Restores large blood vessels. Has oncoprotective information. Has polarization of the Cordyceps mushroom recorded on it – powerful antioxidant.

Composition KFC no 7

• polarized water that have activated the mountain Arkaime           (love and youth) energy of spiral
• Cordyceps fungus (liquid) extract is a strong antioxidant,        restores the metabolism
• Part of the epidermis natural lipid ceramides production
• Hamamelis Verdzsinskoho tanins extract, which is a            component of the extract, which is very beneficial for the skin.    The tanins force the upper layer of cells of the skin contraction,  which reduces the kinds képződéseket keloid. The extract      “ironed” out wrinkles, eliminates buffer broadcasts, restores        healthy skin color, penetrates deeply into the tissues, wet,  thereby strengthening the skin’s elasticity, helping to suppress  the visible signs of aging.
• kriolan lanolin is lanolin excellent liquid softens the skin,  eliminate irritation, restores the metabolism using biologically  active substances (vitamins, anti-inflammatory drugs) are  integrated into the deep layers of the skin
• Chi-Klim (kui units) tsimitsifugi the natural extract of  estrogen receptor modulator, which weakens the menopausal  symptoms. It helps in the regeneration of skin cells, activates  the natural activation of collagen in the skin. Eliminate  wrinkles, prevents the formation of excess melanin. The  pigment spots reduce or eliminate. Noticeably increases the  skin’s elasticity and becomes healthy color.
• Allantoin – softening and moisturizing effect on the skin,  stimulates the healing of wounds, fight against acne (emergence of all kinds), renews the epidermis cells. Reset your  face shape and restores the skin hanging
• kiptoiarin (vlairin) bioregulatory natural vegetable that starts  a self-regulating body functions.

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