FSC no 8 “Night cosmetology”

FSC no 8 “Night cosmetology”


Restores good sleep. 

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Balances melatonin serotonin production, and consequently from the highest level tunes up all hormonal system (compare it with that no 3 and 4 do it “from the bottom”). FSC no 8 works with 4 glands: thymus, epiphysis, hypophysis and thyroid – they start to work as in young age. Has very good regenerative, rejuvenative action. It is recommended to use number 8 in order to disband chronic processes, in most chronic conditions, like for example pneumonia, body learns to tender weak organ and “bypass” it, giving reduced physiology load on it, this mental state should be dealt with on information level. Has especial information that “tunes up” to Beauty. Helps to set biological clock, helps with quick acclimatization.

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