Man’s amulet

Man’s amulet


This FSC amulet for man’s . We are recomending who have people who work with other people, especially when touching others with hands.

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Protects from bad influence negative programs of all sorts. Partly disbands already existing negative programs.
Protective dolmen energies are different for men and woman, so this function is realized in two different FSCs.
Good for:
– inflammatory processes,
– hormonal regulations,
– clean the energy,
– It helps get rid from depression,
– It help to repairs the anxiety feelings and sadnesses
– It improves situational and human wisdom.
– promote harmony, peace and the creation of a high level of vibration detection.
-It helps to healing energy.
-Help to restore functions of the male body, so the man power, of the potential of sexual energy.
– gives you confidence.
– It helps to see the new possibility in your life.
– to correct the mistakes of the past.
– physical disorders,
– helps to access the cosmic energies, and support for personal development.
– Gives strength, it protects from against negativity and from fear.
-Help in extreme cases as eplepszia and schizophrenia.

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