FSC no. 17. “Rebirth”

FSC no. 17. “Rebirth”


Mayan Channel Buurmok (Буурмок) is recorded at this FSC. Disbands the reasons of the disease development at the sub-consciousness level. 

Buurmok channel penetrates deep into human sub-consciousness, in order to eliminate the primary reasons of the disease development. Often the primordial reason of the disease lays at deep levels of human sub-consciousness. For example. It could be banal fear, which shows in life like fear of the darkness, fear of height, fear of closed rooms, water, high temperature and so on. Really it is echo of come accidental event un previous life of this person. When we disband this fears, the problem with health disappears as well. FSC number 11 «The Healthy Way of Living» acts similar to this FSC «Rebirth», but number 11 acts softer, disbanding negative information it works layer after layer. The Buurmok channel penetrates deep into sub-consciousness, directly to the problem information and disbands it. All Mayan channels are intelligent, able to find a problem on their own and disband it.

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