Mayan channel Kuvva (Кувва) is recorded at this FSC, it is designated for cleaning of chakras, meridians, thin bodies from negative influences of all kinds, including witchcraft, and for harmonization of the performance of the chakras.

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 It restores the synchronous performance of chakras, because normally human chakras should work synchronous with some specific phase shifts, and in case this synchronization is distorted, some chakra may work in improper regime, so this or that organ which is corresponding with this chakra, starts to suffer. On the computer aura diagnostic such negative programs, which affect some specific chakra, are seen as a sword-shaped aura distortion, this sword is directed at the malfunctioning chakra. For example, when the reason of aura distortion lays in the sphere of relations between man and woman, then the second chakra could be affected. Throat chakra could be affected in case negative influence taps down the speech center, preventing the suffering person from speaking out his attitude. Eyes or the third eye chakra could be subjected to negative influence, in order to shut down vision, it could be when a man does not want to see or to notice the situation that develops around him, or in case when the negative influence is aimed to deprive the victim of the possibility to see something. Other energy centers could be also influenced, so there is a need in instrument able to mend all this and restore chakra system performance the way it was thought out by the Creator.

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