FSC no. 19. “Anti-Tobacco”

FSC no. 19. “Anti-Tobacco”


Mayan channel Polut (Полут) is recorded on it. This FSC radically cuts off the connection with the egregor of smokers, disbands all negative programs which were connected with lungs. 

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Imperceptibly, through the illusion of the increase of productivity, nicotine destroys blood vessels; tobacco chemical compounds, including resin, precipitate at the lungs tissue, and there is no way to clean them out. In perspective it leads to oncology, micotic and fungus affection of the lungs. FSC «Anti-Tobacco» cleans out the entire bronchopulmonary system from nicotine and tobacco resins, deduces them off. Eliminates diseased lung cells and starts the regeneration of the healthy cells, restores the lungs performance, cleans out blood and saturates it with oxygen. Restores the true blood formula, restores spleen and liver functions. It is the only FSC that works with lungs in full value. Of course on the background use of FSCs number 1 and 2. We are planning to check its action against mutated tuberculosis.

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