FSC no. 23. “liberation”

FSC no. 23. “liberation”


Mayan Channel Yaklel (Йаклел) is recorded at this FSC. Disbands negative energy bindings, more to it, this channel returns bad energies to the person, who created them, that is strikes back. 

 Here energy bindings that are forming between people during their interactions in lives are meant. Depending on the character of connections, that are formed between different people, their specific chakras became connected at the energy-information level, and every chakra governs some specific internal organs. That is this or that organs could be affected due to the formation of the energy bindings. Energy bindings could be both positive and negative. Here we are concerned about stopping energy pumping out through vampirism. Self-vampirism could develop in case one takes hard the passing of his kindred, in such a case a specific binding is formed, it can grow up into depression and into a binding for going out of this life, such binding should be broken. Self-vampirism also develops if one does not like himself, if he is dissatisfied with himself. Intense grief could be a reason of the energy binding development, this binding could be very stable, resulting in energy flow towards the object of grief. We should have in mind that seriously ill friends and acquaintance, willingly or not, could be energy vampires, tending to form steady energy bindings with us, in order to get constant energy supply. No matter how close this man could be, such bindings should be cut off.

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