FSC no 11. “The Healthy way of Life”

FSC no 11. “The Healthy way of Life”


Autoimmune diseases like cancer, along with diabetes, dependences of all kinds are caused by information programs. 

This FSC is most powerful in burning down all negative programs information. Use it as a cleaning instrument in hard cases. Promotes cleaning at the DNA level. Good in disbandment of all dependencies.Supports and restores central nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, liver. On a mental level activates love to oneself through a feeling “what for am I doing this?” Cleans out of aggression.

The channels include the following:
Gibor-channel Agata
The Divine Wind
Peru and cleaner Universe (which is No. 16  FSC is on it)
It is even more polarized in the rock crystal and the kyuchaly plants, thistle.

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