FSC no 14. “The Golden Pyramid”

FSC no 14. “The Golden Pyramid”


Protects human aura from outer influences. Ensures good, clean atmosphere around, fights informational viruses. 

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You can carry it with you as a defense and a help to tune surrounding people to positive. Harmonizes surrounding space for good. You can take this FSC in hands and ask to defend any specified territory, place, vehicle, air flight, you have to visualize the desired object inside a big Golden Pyramid and express gratitude. Rises potency. Compensates radioactivity, deduces heavy water out of the organism. Aids to prevent terroristic acts – disbands the threat / destructive programs at the information level. Aids to disband information blocks at the spinal column, and protects it from any information invasion. Helps to open creative talents.

Polarized oak, valerian, thistle and St. John’s wort.

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