FSC no 16. “The Clear Space”

FSC no 16. “The Clear Space”


Cosmic has ten different channels, including the Golden Pyramid, Merkaba, Divine Fire Jiva.Ensures good, clean atmosphere around, use it for cleaning premises. 

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Ensures field conditions for sells and protects them, aids self-regulation processes. Has anti-viral and anti-parasite programs, could be used to reinforce anti-parasitic action of FSC 1. Helps to solve family problems, to find common language with children. Good for people who do a lot of travelling. For example makes your car uninteresting for police, helps with parking, with clear space on the route. It is the best FSC to place into your car. Tunes mental sphere to spirituality, connects to the consciousness of the Raised Teachers. Helps to realize what is conceived in Space, creates harmony of light and knowledge.

They can be found on the following plants and minerals polarizations:

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