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FSC pendant

FSC pendant


“The Energy of Life” Pendant:

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– Gives powerful energy boost if you drink some water structured on it;
– Restores right-hand energy rotation around the spinal column;
– Restores and correctly distributes energy among organs;
– Restores bio-field;
– Helps with kin problems (problems “inherited” from ancestors).
I would compare its action with the commercial cartoon about “Energizer” batteries, when
pink hares are running on and on… I like this pendant very much, just carry it in the pocket (it is
not necessary to keep it at the specific energy center, like the Druids tree pendant). It is a very
good support when you have to be in crowded places, in transport.
Again I’m going to appeal to the words of S. V. Koltsov: “I should point out that not everyone
is able to adapt quickly to the “Energy of Life” pendants. Water samples which bear energy
which is higher than average by 3 orders are recorded on them. Not everybody is able to
endure it. So if you have some bursting sensation, take it off for several days, give time for
energies to calm down. I said that one man can wear this pendent for an hour, another for two
hours, the third – eight – it is individual. I can use it round the clock, it is my native
polarization”. And they also recommend to use this pendant for water structuring, drinking
water structured on it makes adaptation easier.

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