“Anti-cataclysm” (lilac case)

“Anti-cataclysm” (lilac case)


More than 40 classic cosmoenergy channels and digital code channels are recorded in this CFS plate.

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This CFS sheet is very strong efficiency, provides protection against the global disaster management and global problems to solve as, catastrophic nuclear power plant accidents, nuclear waste disposal sites, laboratories and industrial facilities that work with radioactive isotopes, including clinical laboratories also. (FSC was issued shortly after Fucusima disaster), “The Fifth Element” channel, consisting of four elements plus “Heavenly Love” and MIDI channels that will help you get through the Different climatic disasters. (Tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods etc.). A channels are also on that of Sun and various planets tied, but it is the “Divine Love”, the “Golden Pyramid” and “Peace among others Earth “, the” Friendly Technology “polarization information as well.
. For example, the Love channel connected to the fire element – the “Ra” and “Perun” channels. They provide prevention and elimination of the terror attacks.
The “Anti-cataclysm” CFS channels, scatters the destructive radioactive isotopes,the radioactive wastes lead out from the body.

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