Danilovo Lake

Danilovo Lake


Polarization of Danilova lake water is written on it. – Near the Okunevskaya the cascade in Omsk city is located.

The Russian Academy of Sciences worked Danilova Lake in 1964, and since then is called, “secret”  lake, because in the working people wonderful process healing took in this place.
Since then, many diseases, incurable disease, throat cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, arthritis, thyroid disease, dental disease and many other diseases registered in the entire healing process.
The lake, wondeful clean and at the bottom, blue clay found.
Today is an ongoing investigation and researchers in question concerned what works, water, salt formula, structure of water, or something else.
SV Koltsov appreciates this water, opined as follows: “I was fascinated dynamic characteristics of this water, the resonance frequency of the properties colossales, combines two ultra-high-frequency rhythms, ultra-low-frequency rhythms”. Feel free to be called a “healing Sheets 3» for.

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