Flora and Fauna FSC (one half of the case is blue, the other is green)

Flora and Fauna FSC (one half of the case is blue, the other is green)


The demand in this corrector is obvious: it is designated for increasing crop capacity and decreasing the amounts of chemicals required, both fertilizer and pesticides. 

You can expose seeds before planting, water plants with structured water in vegetation and harvesting periods, place the corrector inside the hothouse,  If you will feed  poultry and  animals with water, structured at this FSC, their prolificacy increases, to put it more precisely, the endurance of their litter increases. It is important by itself, and more to it, the resistance to numerous parasites and infections increases as well. Lugracosmoenergy channel is recorded on it.  Lugra channel aids plants growth. It also  relieves plants and animals from pathogenic micro-organisms and intestinal worms. Polarization of the Sengara preparation is added, nowadays it is the only medicine with marked anti-fungus properties, it is able to suppress black mould. So if fungus are present in the organism, and you can’t cope with them using FSCs no. 1, 13, 14, or in case you discovered black mould somewhere, then «Flora and Fauna» FSC will help you. It is possible to use it for people.

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