Healing 2 (green case)

Healing 2 (green case)


This CFS sheet carries the information of  Zamzam source. A source in the al- Haram mosque in Mecca ,what is to say the Grand Mosque is in that territory located. 

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The Islamic tradition is believed that the water of Zamzam comes from Paradise , so beneficial and even touted as a medicine . For this reason , the Saudi government prohibited by law to take larger amounts of the Zamzam water beyond out of the borders of the kingdom. It is no coincidence that the source of the water is ranked by the WHO as ” purest water ” category .This functional state correctors are among caries the most powerful adaptogens .

It has an extremely powerful regenerative effect. The “Healing Places 2” is extremely effective in various cancer lesions , to mitigate and dissipate kidney stones. In addition, it is also effective against: inflammatory processes ,it is also in thyroid and parathyroid regulation of eye diseases , as well as against inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea , green and grey cataracts. It restores the performance of the upper chakras , from the heart, lungs ; throat chakra thyroid and parathyroid glands , the seventh cervical vertebrae , and at the shoulder portion. The third eye chakra – the sinuses , the limbic system , vision, hearing, epiphysis , hypothalamus , pituitary . Crown Chakra – the nervous system , psyche and emotional sphere .The “Healing Places 2” finishes , that “Healing places one ” could not cope with. ( a psycho- emotional sphere ) It’s like the cleaning is completed. As well as the 16 CFS creates the conditions that ” centers” our organism (that is it help us to be in centre point ). It is therefore important to ” pump ” the ” two places with the “Healing 2″ and the No. 16 . panels together because of the organization and carrying out of the chakras ” tune ” . The No. 16 . back contributes most significantly to human energy information system for cleaning, including cleaning of negative programs .

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