Beauty Factor (blue case)

Beauty Factor (blue case)


It is a cosmetology FSC, which has only one information, recorded on it – a polarization of water solution of epidermal growth factor. Growth factors were discovered about 50 years ago, about 9 of them are described in special literature. 

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The first one, which was discovered, is epidermal growth factor, and it got such a name when it was established that in maximum concentration it could be found in epidermis, that is in a skin. And the higher is the growth factor concentration, the better and younger the skin looks. Kohen received Noble prize for this discovery, it was he who discovered growth factors. He investigated the saliva of home animals and detected a low-molecular polypeptide, with a weight about 40 dalton,which activated regeneration processes in skin. It is because of that when cats and dogs lick their wounds, they tighten quickly, at that often with initial intension, that is without formation of scars. We act the same way, in case of wound, especially finger, we are trying to lick it. In addition saliva contains class A immunoglobulins, they give anti-infection action. But it is epidermal growth factor that activates regeneration. At that when you drink water, structured at this FSC, internal organs regenerate, especially in case of gastro-intestinal tract problems, tissue defects regenerate. When you take baths and showers with «The Beauty Factor» FSC, it poses beneficial skin action, skin rejuvenates, through skin information comes deeper inside and inner organs rejuvenate as well. «The Beauty Factor» combines well with FSC no. 7, which also belongs to the «cosmetology functional state correctors».

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