FSC “Amaranth”

FSC “Amaranth”


It carries polarization of 100 % cold pressed pure amaranth oil. Amaranth oil ingredients help to correct clinic symptoms of a number of conditions. It was shown that amaranth oil, and hence FSC “Amaranth”, is able to regulate blood pressure effectively, due to the normalization of the blood albuminous spectrum.

Amaranth is one of the most potent immune modulators, again due to the restoration of the immunoglobulin level in blood. Cleans blood vessels, brings them into norm. it is atherosclerosis, including system atherosclerosis. Restores heart valvular apparatus, heart muscle tone. Other conditions include: Parkinson, enuresis, women gynecology issues, proliferative inflammations, oncology. Squalenes, which are contained in the amaranth oil, block rapid cellular division at the information level, regardless of the tumor localization. Works well with joint restoration, when the issue is connected with allergic component – co called allergic polyarthritis. Disbands migraine-like headaches, in many cases disbands hang-over syndrome. FSC “Amaranth” could be very helpful for going out of the curative fasting, for example in case of pancreatitis. It is easier to go out of fasting with the help of the FSC “Amaranth”. You may use this FSC to structure liquid food additives, in order to increase useful components absorption. You may use FSC “Amaranth”,  in all pumpings.

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