FSC “Fortune”

FSC “Fortune”


It is designated for restoration and improvement of constructive businesses.

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Along with Mayan cosmoenergy channels, the set of classical cosmoenergy channels, called “Blessing” is recorded at the FSC “Fortune”. The “Blessing” set of channels is designated for the restoration of the human mentality and connection it with the outer world, with the energies of Elements. The “Blessing” set brings peace to Earth and preserves our planet, Elements and Archangels work for cleaning and healing, starting with consciousness, rejuvenation program is activated, poses defense from the EMI, help in creative business, grants material and spiritual goods, cleans mind, cleans brain blood vessels, grants calamity.

FSC “Fortune” is designated for solving life problems, it helps:

1, Cleans all business documentation: contracts, book-keeping, leasing documents,and o on;

2- remove all negative programs, from our bussiness, office,keep away negative people and from negative events,

3-to destroy all to create obstacles in your life and prevent you from solving your life problems;

4- to burn down all filth, evil that stands on your way and harms you and your folks;

5- you roots will be always clean and clear;

6- you will always have powers giving you possibilities to go by the clear path.
7, It bring for you the light

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