CFS “Healing 1”

CFS “Healing 1”


This KFSz sheet carries the information of the water of S’ezjee Lake or the modern name, “mother of God of Kazan Lake”.

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The Lake is located near the town of Samara, its healing properties have been known for a very long time. A very powerful adaptogenic effect of the lake water can be detected, which ( knowing the adaptogenic herbs contained) has a very strong restoring effect on the immune system, and on increasing general performance. This water can relieve fatigue, depression, stress, colds, has a powerful effect on inflammatory processes, such as those of the sinuses, throat, and other inflammations, and on joint problems, spine traumas, can improve vision and eye diseases, and other positive changes can occur in the case of cerebral palsy. Furthermore, it interestingly has a positive impact on living organisms against the mosquitoes, there are no mosquitoes around the Lake at all.
Use during taking a bath or shower for 15-20 minutes.
For festering sore throats or inflammatory process, place the “Healing 1 KFSZ” sheet on your throat or on the inflamed area, rinse or gargle with and drink structured water. In order to achieve greater impact, use also the No 1., 2., and 14. KFSZ. sheets.

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