The Live Water

The Live Water


Every year during Epiphany night Sergey Valentinovitch analyzes Epiphany water, takes a number of water samples, which correspond to independent dynamical shifts. 

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All samples which work for physiology support he records at «The  Live Water» FSC. But during Epiphany night there is a period of time, when water polarization stops all oscillatory processes in all living organisms – this information is recorded at the «Natural Antibiotic» FSC. And it became a good tradition to issue a pair of FSCs every year. Yes, this are the only FSCs with limited exploitation period – from one epiphany night till the next one. The point is not at the FSC recording technology, but in ageing of the information recorded on them. The point is that Earth magnetic field is changing constantly, and a unique physical phenomenon exists, first noticed as early as in 1955 by Moscow University professor of bio-physics Simon ElievitchShnol. It was established that Earth magnetic field disturbances exist, that could be simultaneously detected in all laboratories on Earth, and which are not incidental. They manifest themselves at the same time every 24 hours, once every moon month, once every year. And the disturbances that take place once a year fall on the Epiphany night. Shnol himself called these disturbances «my most useless discovery». And what this disturbances are bringing to us at the information level: at the information level during Epiphany night our Earth is subjected to the reboot procedure – first, usually from 12 p. m. till 1 a. m., (also at different years this time interval could shift a little) the outer field polarization is erasing all previous information, and during this time period water hinders oscillatory processes in living organisms; and later during several next hours they are showing us what water polarizationswill act during the next year.

That is why we consider the «Natural Antibiotic» FSC as a reboot button for our biology computer, because it carries oscillations that are antiphase to the Live Water and to all vital rhythms of all living organisms. When we drink water, structured at this FSC, we actually stop cycling processes in our organism. Later, after 12-15 minutes they will be restarted due to our bone system properties. And viruses and parasites do not have bone systems to restart them. Note that friendly micro-flora (in our intestines) has field organization similar to human and it is alsorestarted. You help your organism to restart correct living rhythms by drinking water, structured at «The  Live Water» FSC 12-15 minutes later after consumption of water structured at the «Natural Antibiotic». For prophylaxis we do this twice a day in the mornings and in the evenings on an empty stomach. In curative purposes not often than once in every two hours. «Natural Antibiotic» prevents reproduction of modern pathogenic viruses, bacterium and fungus, including mutated forms, non-dependent from their origination, including strains of unknown origin! «The  Live Water» FSC blocks living cycles of numerous fungus and mold, so one should work with booth «Natural Antibiotic» and «The  Live Water» FSCs.

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