FSC no 1. Anti-parasite

FSC no 1. Anti-parasite


This plate de FCS has been designed,against anti-parasites. One of base plates, as initially recommended to use with no.1, 2 and 5 before we start to use all the rest.

At the energy information level, parasites, viruses, worms, fungi, unicellulars, bacteria, all kinds of pathogenic flora (staphylococcus, streptococcus, chlamydia, trichomonads) are provided in human (animal, plant) organisms, all types of herpes, fungi such as . dying or gradually eliminating candida, all types of flu, hepatitis A, C virus, and cohch.

. Cleans the human body from parasites: viruses, bacteria, worms, unicellulars, preventing their reproduction

· Creates a medium in which parasites are non-viable

· Helps the cells to regenerate basically

· Helps remove toxins and materials from parasites' life activity

· Indirectly co-ordinates the work of internal organs indirectly with the CFO

· Normalizes intestinal microflora

· Strengthens the immune system

Has an anti-tumor factor

· Improves brain circulation, restores brain biorhythm and physiological processes

· Activates the work of the central nervous and endocrine glands

· A strong antidepressant, improves man's mood, endurance and flexibility against the unpleasant effects of the environment

· Harmonize awareness and turn it into a positive direction.


KFSZ1 is encoded with polarization of different images: straw flower, marigold, chickpeas, chamomile, cranberry leaf, vesetea, mint, senna, sage, eucalyptus, narcissus root, liquorice, St. John's wort, shepherd's bag, wormwood, pearl, wolf's tail, yarrow, coriander, thistle, redcurrant, dill, wild rose, brown hips, blueberry, St. John's wort

buds, dandelion root and flower, carrot, Jerusalem artichoke, mint leaf, wormwood, carnation, ground saffron, caucasian honeycomb, blackcurrant tincture, nettle, burdock, plantain, seaweed, indian onion leaves, sea buckthorn, vibrating poplar, cherry, pomelo, pineapple, onion, garlic, horseradish, chicory, root root, white mumio, beard, cranberry, blueberry, onion leaf, tincture of gladiolus, calendula petal, St. John's wort, celandine, yarrow, befungia (chaga extract), elenterococcus, primrose , cranberry, primrose, velvet flower (seeds).

Additionally, polarization of agaric: Tibetan, Tibetan fungus, dried-powdered chicken, medicinal water against breast diseases, medicinal water for cerebral circulation, medicinal water restoring the intestinal microflora, healing water of the liver and gallbladder, dew collected on the day of Ivan Kupala, sungit / Bála lake shore).

7 ayurvedic agent polarization to optimize human activities (each agent has an average of 15 plant forms): cardiovascular system, antistress, thyme, asian wolf, indian valerian, asparagus, fennel, cardamom, cane sugar, ground cherry (gold leaf), field meadows, parrot tree, heart-shaped tinospore, currant, brahmi rayasana, gotu kola (asia wading). muzzle, radish, pepper, chandra, nandukaparia, nook, rhino, vacsa, plava, jasztyahva vidduga

Forms (plants) given by nature are contributed by Masaru Emoto: wave therapy of organs and system of the body: the thymus, the nervous system, the lungs, the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland, the pancreas, the pineal gland, the brain, the circulation, Lourdes -water (love). The following images are related: the calmness of the soul, harmony, self-love, humanity, eternity, peace, hope, faith, gratitude, love, ascent.

It also contains the following information: "Sambu-jsi-juszi" spring water, dolphin, Stonhange, rain forest. The Cosmic Wonders Channel Maya - Csajan is encoded.

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