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FSC «Light of Koltsov»

This is a unique Kolcov plate, made in a limited edition of 1000 pieces. As a result of Kolcov's recent years of research, he has created the most widely used plate ever, representing the current peak in the history of FSC. Everything is the best! The most effective, with the most information, the most combined, the strongest and even most powerful.

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Helps to support physiology functioning of all main organism systems, general restoration of functional state of the entire organism, accenting defending powers and immunity rise;

Is an effective remedy and means of prophylaxis, correction, prevention of diseases appearance, including the stage of their appearance and forming;

Aids coordination and normal functioning of all internal organs and systems;

Aids activation of processes of production and assimilation of minerals, trace elements;

Poses powerful influence at harmonization and cleaning of conscience, preservation and support of psychology stability, sureness, feeling of internal power, benevolence, amicability, calamity, safeness and confidence to the outer world.

Aids formation of psychological lability (flexibility and speed) for adequate reaction at outer conditions changes both in socium and environment, living in the state here and now»;

Aids psychology rebirth and uncovering of own I, forming unique individual original personality and its uncovering in personal and social lives;

Aids filling withcreative energy, lightness, joyfulness, ability to receive balanced joy of life, uncovering the creative potential of human being, increase of perceived spirituality;

Aids elimination and driving out of bad habits (alcoholism and so on) at the psychology level, and cleaning the body from their consequences;

Aids accumulation of internal energy, keeping energy balance and stabilization of energy envelope of human being, development of bogy intuition and ability to listen to own body;

Is a powerful means of defense from energy-information influences, powerful informational confrontation (in conflict situations, quarrels, argues), also good for keeping own positions and defending own views in constructive discussions;

Aids rejuvenation of the organism, harmonious spiritual and physical development, keeping balance between physical and energy body.

FSC «Light of Koltsov» is needed to everybody! Both who is healthy or have diseases of various degrees of heaviness; to public persons or to those who have to appear in public often, to businessmen at negotiations, to creative people, pupils and students. Both to young and adults for uncovering and development of abilities in various spheres of lives, preservation of psychic health, perception of spirituality, support and increase of living potential. As a remedy to get rid of bad habits.

Intake of water, structured at FSC «Light of Koltsov» poses soft cleaning action at the body, that is water becomes a natural sorbent. In order to acheive pronounced rejuvenation effect it is recommended to structure cosmetology remedies (liniments, wheys, tonics) in addition to the intake of structured water.

Polarization of water from a natural spring (water capsule) which is at the 500 meters depth which is situated in the village Simbuhovo in Penza district is recorded at FSC «Light of Koltsov».

Time of water structuring is not less than 8 hours.



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