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FSC-GOLD OF GOBI-Aimed at withdrawal of non-sanctioned information intrusions and programs of high level of influence;

FSC-GOLD OF GOBI-Aimed at withdrawal of non-sanctioned information intrusions and programs of high level of influence;

- Aids creation and building up of powerful defense of a personal bio-energy field;

- Aids awakening and activation of the center of consciousness for controlling of energy state of a person and the entire energy structure of human being;

- Aimed at preventing of appearance of psychosomatic diseases of any kind, and so consequently physical level diseases;

- Aids protection from energy-informational damages both targeted at oneself (autoagression) and from other people, in case of appearance of conflict situations;

- Aids staying in a state of emotional and energy balance between material and spiritual components, harmonizes perception of all spheres of life through positive directives;

- Aimed at forming of the internal core of the personality, acquiring ability to have own point of view and speak it out openly, ability to defend own views and interests from opinions imposed by others, sinking stereotypes and manipulations (based on the senses of guilt, duty) and other destructive influences;

- Aids harmonious development and work of both brain hemispheres, that ensures full-scale work of analytic and creative thinking, co-tuned development of various kinds of intellect: intellectual, emotional, spiritual;

- Transfers into a state of internal comfort, brings a feeling of unity of internal and external worlds and deep interconnection between them, aids transformation of perception of negative life situation into useful life experience;

- Targeted at strengthening of organism defense powers, rise and support of immunity in case of chronic and prolonged diseases, in periods of seasonal flu;

- Effective in case of vegetovascular dystonia, state of weakness, sleepiness, filling of tiredness and loss of powers, in case of high emotional and mental loads;

- Aids powerful correction and prophylaxis of various diseases of bronchi-pulmonary, cardio-vascular, nervous systems;

FSC «Gold of Gobi» is indicated:

- In presence of non-defined (not diagnosed) prolonged chronic diseases, for restoration and rehabilitation after surgery;

- In periods of seasonal diseases for strengthening of the immunity;

- In presence of powerful psychic stresses and difficult life situations;

- When practicing breathing and meditative exercises, yogi, single combat sports.

Recomendations on the «Gold of Gobi» FSC use:

Conjoint use with the FSC «Light of Koltsov» allows user to get maximum unfoldment of their potential to influence organism with purposes of health restoration, harmonization, conscious being, powerful energy defense, and significant rise of the vibrational level of the user;

Combines well with any previously released FSCs, especially with «Indi», «Love», «Harmony», «Love formula Yin», «Love formula Yin», «Tuning Fork», «Lhasa», «Altarnaya Mountain», «Golden Sand», «Sacred Cave», «Reboot Cleaning» and «Reboot Filling».

It is highly recommended to use FSC «Gold of Gobi» in difficult situations, when golden FSCs no 20 and 23 are not able to pose complete help.

One shall drink structured water, do pumpings, carry on the body when out in socium, especially in conflict and ill-wishing environment.

Polarization of four water springs from Gobi desert is recorded at the FSC «Gold of Gobi» (Mongolia). Water structuring time is not less than 7 hours.

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