Please, read this with attention before purchasing!

We inform you that in case of orders from the Web Shops of Peptid Center s.r.o.(Address : Hlavna 414., 94633, Modrany, Slovakia), trade register number: SK 2023401512 the General Contract Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GCC) mentioned here become automatically part of the contract between Customer Buyer or Ordering Party and GlobeLine Seller or Supplier (hereinafter referred to as GlobeLine ). The contracts are not filed. We ask you to purchase from our Web Shop only after the acknowledgement of the terms of the present GCC and only in case of full acceptance of it. In case of purchasing from the Web Shop, all the regulations of this GCC are considered as accepted.

How can you purchase? Information regarding order, payment and legal conditions

How can you purchase?

Our Web Shop is open non-stop and we wait for your order any time. You can find the detailed description of our products on the product page. When an order takes place, you have to fill in a short registration form that requests for data needed for the invoicing and delivery. The products are categorized in our Web Shop in order to help your search. You have the possibility also to search by key-words. We hope that you too find the items you are searching for. When you find the product you want to purchase, put it in the virtual shopping cart by clicking on the”add to shopping cart” button. Following this, you can either refresh or cancel the content of your shopping cart. Notice: it is possible that the chosen item is not on stock. This case you cannot order them in our shop.When you click the order button a short message appear and inform you that “This product is out of stock” Please write a mail and infrom us which product do you want to purchase and we will inform you when is available again in our shop. The pictures indicated on the data sheet of the products might differ from the original products’ appearance; in some cases they are just illustration. Our company does not take any responsibility for eventual modifications at short notice of the technical informants by the supplier or due to any other reasons beyond to its control. Order and payment

The process of order:

  • Put the product you want to order in the shopping cart.
  • For the order of further products, click on the”continue order” button. If you do not want to order further products, control the quantity of the chosen items. You can cancel the content of the shopping cart by clicking on the”cancel” button. After selecting the right quantity, choose the”refresh shopping cart” button.
  • Enter delivery/invoicing and entrance data (Only already registered customers can enter)
  • Select delivery/payment term
  • Following the entering of the data you can send your order by clicking on the”order” button. Before that you can control once again the given data.
  • You get an (automatically generated) confirmation about your order via email.

In case you want to register, in the future you can enter to the webpage as registered user and you can immediately send your order without indicating the delivery and invoicing data. It is important that you give exact data as the goods are invoiced and delivered based on the entered data. The registration must be done only once and you do not need to repeat this step for further purchases.

You get email information about the final amount, the ordered goods, the delivery and the delivery status. If you have already purchased from us, the program automatically fills in your order-form with the already filled data (delivery address, invoicing address etc.) In case you have never registered yourself to our webpage, you can do it now. We invite you to follow your email (you indicate for the registration), because we keep contact with you via email and we inform you about the order process, the delivery time or about the delivery of the chosen product(s) via email.

The processing of the orders

The processing of the orders takes place at workdays from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. There is a possibility for placing orders also out of the above mentioned processing time. In case it takes place after the end of the workday, it is processed the following workday the soonest. Our customer service confirms via email the processing of the order to the customer every case. General performance deadline is within 2-5 workdays from the confirmation. We do not take any responsibility for the eventual delays in processing. At the same time we inform our customer if the fulfillment of the order takes longer than usual (generally in cases where the processing is longer than 5 workdays). We reserves the right to revocate from the contract partly or fully, and to decline from the fulfillment of the order also in case of already confirmed orders. Not full fulfillment of the order can exclusively take place after checking with the customer.

You can pay for the products you order from our Web Shop the following ways:

1. BANK Transfer

Budai Piroska

Bank name: Raiffeisen

Bank account No : 1205-2705-0125-6720-0020-0007
Iban : Iban : HU72 1205-2705-0125-6720-0020-0007

Important notice! Please sign every time the name of the ordering party, their username (email) and their ordering code in the “notice” field. We deliver your goods after receiving the relative credit on our account. The lead time of your order in case of payment by money transfer can elongate by 5-7 workdays due to the lead time of the banks.
We suggest this payment method also in case of gift-giving. In this case the recipient does not have to pay for the package and the invoice is sent separately to the indicated invoicing address via post.

2. Payment with credit card

Our Web Shop offers you a secure payment possibility with credit card ensured by PayPal. com
The security is granted by the separation of the different pieces of data. While the Web Shop receives only the information related to the order, the PayPal. comgets exclusively the bank card data needed for the payment transaction on the payment page encrypted by 128 bit SSL. The Web Shop has no data information of the payment page; that can be obtained only by the PayPal. com. After the payment you get information about the result of the transaction from the page of the Web Shop. For payment with credit card your Internet browser program must support SSL encryption. The counter value of the item(s)/service(s), the paid amount is immediately blocked on your card account.

Shipment Term

By sending the order-form and by its confirmation from the side of Peptid Center s.r.o. a contract is formed between the shipping company as Supplier and the Customer as Ordering Party. When the contract is formed, the following conditions take effect: Supplier is liable to deliver the goods chosen by the Ordering Party on the order-form to the delivery address via courier or to send them collect. In case anything obstacles the compliance of the order, Supplier must get in contact forthwith with the Ordering Party via telephone or email for further agreement. Customer is liable to receive the goods ordered on the order-form and delivered by the Supplier to the indicated address and is liable to pay the price indicated on the confirmation of the Supplier. Customer has the right of revocation from the purchase following the order, but only in the hour antecedent to the delivery. This demand must be expressed in written form and via email at the address In this case the Customer is not encumbered with any defrayal.

Customs duties.

If you buy products from outside of the EUROPEAN UNION and send them a package to yourself, You should pay customs according to the relevant customs regulations of the destination country. Please inquire about their level in the local customs office.

The Right of Revocation

You have the Right of Revocation from the purchase until the moment the goods are handed over to the courier in order to fulfill delivery (you are informed about this in an email). Previous to the above mentioned time you are not encumbered with any defrayal. In certain cases there is no possibility for revocation: food supplements, vitamins and cosmetics after stripping. Only in case of whole and complete and undamaged products the Customer has the right of revocation.

The Customer may revocate, within 8 workdays and without justification, from the purchase. The right of revocation from the contract may be exercised from the date of the receipt of the product by the Customer. In case of such revocation Customer is liable to send the product back to Peptid Center s.r.o. whole, complete and undamaged in the original package. The costs for the returning of the goods have to be borne by the Customer if the delivered goods are the ordered goods.

Obligations for the refunding of payments must be fulfilled within 30 days by transferring the amount of the purchase price to the bank account number indicated by the Customer when declared the revocation – if the product is sent back whole, complete and undamaged. The stated period commences for you upon the dispatch of your declaration of revocation or the goods and for us upon its/their receipt.

The delivery costs and the eventual costs related to the damage of the package or the items themselves are paid by the Customer. This amount is deducted from the refundable purchase price of the product. Damages caused by the non-proper use of the product must be refunded by the Customer. Customer must declare their revocation by sending an email to the