FSC «Liberator»

FSC «Liberator»


FSC «Liberator»
Targeted at cleaning of energy centers and restoration of sufficient level of personal energy

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FSC «Liberator»
Targeted at cleaning of energy centers and restoration of sufficient level of personal energy

Helps cleaning of thin energy level surrounding space and human biofield from non-sanctioned energy-information intrusions of any order, from outer and inner self-destruction negative programs;
Helps organism detoxication function regulation, removal of intoxication, including energy level intoxication, stimulates gastro-intestinal tract peristalsis;
Poses powerful anti-bacterium, anti-viral and anti-parasite effects in presence of inflammation processes in any organism systems and organs (bronchi-pulmonary, ENT, urine-genital, reproductive);
Poses anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic influence in case of gastro-intestinal tract diseases;
Targeted at replenishment and restoration of sufficient level of personal energy;
Individually for each user erases all not needed information at the thin energy level from energy centers;
Activates work of all energy centers, building personal program of harmonious living in current moment in the state of awareness;

FSC “Liberator” is indicated:

In presence of hidden or definite health problems, absence of established diagnosis, constant indispositions, high irritability and groundless aggression, increased fatigability;
As a remedy for prophylaxis cleaning and restoration after being in socium, especially in places where large number of people are gathering, in presence of ill-wishers;
In a complex therapy in case of any inflammatory process in various organs and systems.

Recommendations on the FSC “Liberator” use:

Compatible with any FSCs released previously, especially with number 2 “Detox”, number 20 “Cleansing”, “Spring of Lamas, “Shambala Spring”, “Mighty water”, “Spring of Health”, “Spring of Health 2”, “Sacred Cave”;
Use as a remedy of first prophylaxis and restoration after returning from the socium
One shall carry it at the body, drink structured water, do pumpings, use for baths and wiping ;

Polarization from a water spring in Orlovskoe polesye (marshy woodlands) in Orlovskiy region is recorded at the “Liberator” FSC. Time of water structuring at FSC “Liberator” is not less than one hour.

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