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FSC "Companion"

FSC "Companion"

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FSC Companion

Helps restoration and strengthening of organism protective powers

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FSC Companion

Helps restoration and strengthening of organism protective powers


Helps restoration and strengthening of organism protective powers at vegetative-vascular dystonia, relief in the state of tiredness, at  mental and physical loads;

Helps to support physiological functioning of the immune system, more quicker restoration after endured diseases, traumas, surgery;

Poses regenerative and softening action, helps cleaning and restoration of skin integuments;

Poses beneficial influence at the cardio-vascular system performance;

Targeted at restoration of blood vessels elasticity, helps to increase blood fluidity, prevents thrombosis;

Helps restoration and normalization of all kinds of metabolic processes in the organism;

Helps complex restoration of physical powers and supporting of physical activity at needed level;

Poses harmonizing influence at the emotional sphere, helps to co-tune with socium, preserve internal core strength of own “I”.


FSC “Companion” is indicated:


In periods of seasonal diseases, at immunity weakening;

For organism support at presence of auto-immune diseases, also of diseases of unclear etiology, at prolonged health restoration processes, apathy, tiredness;

In complex therapy in case of cardio-vascular pathology, metabolism pathology (sugar diabetes, atherosclerosis);

In period of rehabilitation after surgeries and traumas.


Recommendations on the FSC “Companion” use:


It is recommended to start use together with FSC “The Ally”

Compatible with al FSC released previously, especially with “Manasarovar. Kailas”, “Indi”.  “Gold of Gobi”, “Amaranth”;

Drink structured water, do pumpings, carry at the body when in socium.


Polarization of water from Kamenskoe lake close to Menusha village in Shimskiy district, Novgorod region. Time of water structuring is not less than 4 hours.



Please note!  All these FSCs and bracelets are released and could be ordered only this winter. End date February 24th! After this time they would not be produced (similar to other Elite FSCs) and prices could be not friendly.  Sorry for the marketing issues.

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