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Célja, hogy megszólítsa saját tudattalanjának mélységeit, hogy minden felhasználó számára lehetővé tegye, hogy jobban hallja és megértse önmagát és saját predesztinációját;

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Targeted to appeal to the depths of own unconscious, in order to give every user ability to hear and understand better himself and own predestination;

Helps improvement of contact between body and spirit, manifestation of intuitive thoughts and committing of intuitive steps, growth of life processes effectiveness;

Helps individual to be as long as possible in the “state of a stream” - unity of spiritual and physical components of one’s space of being, when individual comes to self-realization in particular deeds in accordance to own predestination;

Helps development of ability to foresee events, take decisions, create situations, reach own goals quicker and easier;

Helps to perceive connections of thin and material worlds, tune at creation and energies of active actions in the state of harmony of body and soul;

Fills with clam and powerful energy, clears up senses, induces active life position, adds sureness;

Helps manifestation of creative abilities in case of creative crisis, tunes at positive and helps to go out of a state of energetic, emotional, and spiritual standstill;

Helps to take complicated decisions in important period on the basis of highest goals of the Universe;

Brings into a state of conscious perception of interconnections of all people and events, understanding of contribution and meaning of every thought, all words and deeds into general energetic state of the Planet.

FSC “Inki” is recommended to every user, who are seeking realization of principle of perfect and optimum functioning of physiology, thinking and spiritual processes of individual and cognition of deep structures of personality.

FSC “Inki” is compatible with all FSCs released previously, especially recommended is con-joint use with FSCs “Mighty Water”, “Winner”, “Neurovita”, “Active Longevity”, “Sacred Cave”, “Golden Sand”.

Polarization from various places of power in Machu-Pikchu (Peru) is recorded at FSC “Inki”.

Time of water structuring at FSC “Inki” is 2 hours.

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