FSCno.22.Back to Yourself

FSCno.22.Back to Yourself


Mayan channel Kukh (Кукх) is recorded on it. This FSC is designated for elimination of the strange problems, which one tends to pile upon at his own back.

It is characteristic to those people, who has to listen to the problems of other people, and tend to take them close to their heart. Generally people are very sensitive to the problems of other people, to their grief and troubles. People listen to their folks, friends, colleagues at work, neighbors and some acquaintance, when they are telling stories about illnesses and life problems, starting to feel pity, enter into details, take them close to heart. It involves the danger of pulling out these problems and situations at yourself. If you have possibility not to listen, then do not listen, if not – for example your relatives or friends are talking – try to listen half-ear or pretend that you are listening. Never express pity, never blame anyone. Remember, it is the man himself, who is guilty in what happened with him, be it illnesses or life problems. Remember one of the main Laws of the Universe, the law of cause and effect. Cause gives birth to the effect, the effect – causes new cause, and it goes in endless circle. Every human being is bourn to be healthy, and in case he has problems with health, it he or his ancestors who are to blame, then he simply do not care about his own health, violates simplest laws of physical life. In every case illness is a pay-off for things done by the person himself. If you start to pity this person, then you are violating the Law of Karma, the law of requital, it should not be done. It is better to explain the situation to the thick person, direct him to understanding of his situation, comprehending and correct situation, and tried not to attract it in the future, avoid mistakes he made. Strange problems, that were pulled up, are seen at the human astral body as some black burden or rucksack under his back, which lies heavily on a body. FSC “Returning to yourself” will help you to destroy these strange problems.

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